Jam Session / Trance Session with DJ Raider ...  1997-2003

"CSCR 90.3 Scarborough College Radio, Jam Session with DJ Raider..."  It all started off when the infamous King Gino would decide to leave and go grab lunch during his 2 hour time slot accordingly named European Power Hour.  It was at this moment when DJ Raider would jump into the chair and start playing his variety of Hip-Hop and R&B.  This turned into a routine that saw the birth of Jam Session. Jam Session was the longest running radio show on CSCR, lasting 6 years!  Playing all the best Hip-Hop and R&B, from hype older tracks to the newer brutal commercialized stuff you watch on BET everyday, it has now evolved to include much more.  Discussion topics about stupidness are common, but from time to time you'll even hear something insightful.  Something relatively new to Jam Session is the freestyle interlude.  Introduced last year, this part showcases some up and coming amateur talent at UTSC.  If you're lucky, you might even hear DJ Raider rapping too!  Trance Session started in 2001 when DJ Raider would do the 2nd half of his show with all crazy trance music.  This has continued and grown into something you'll hear with hard tracks that will get you all hyper.  A one hour non-stop trance set done entirely from scratch - nothing planned...ever!  1st hour - Jam Session... 2nd hour - Trance Session. 

Special guests include Koproskilo, DJ Caliente, DJ Mystery aka Anonymous from Da Booth, Warren Sapp, Ravi, Spar, DJ Kablomenh, Beba, DJ Falafel Queen, Jo from Scarborough, and DJ Mounara.



Jam Session / Trance Session with DJ Raider


School semester over... radio show discontinued until further notice


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